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Time to come back

Time to reactivate my tumblr, I need inspiration!

I’ve been away for a MONTH

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t been on tumblr for this long!

I was totally depressed by not having a job and waiting, waiting, waiting to hear from employers.

I continued my meal plan up until Christmas. I had GREAT RESULTS. My parents were like: “wow, you’ve lost so much weight, keep it up”. Unfortunately, I was home for christmas for two and a half weeks and I totally let myself go! I really couldn’t resist the temptation :( even though I tried to workout I REGAINED some of the weight. But more importantly, my digestive system is fucked up!! I was eating so healthy and then I started eating chocolate and cakes and my stomach can’t handle it anymore.

I’m going on a 3-DAY JUICE CLEANSE today, in the hope of helping my poor digestive system RECOVER from bloody christmas. After that I will conitnue the blogilates meal plan and hopefully everything should go back to normality.Ā 

I don’t have a juicer so I’ll be testing the blending and straining technique. WISH ME LUCK! This is half of the stock for my juice fast:Ā 



Yesterday and today I’ve been craving something “less healthy” so to avoid having a massive binge somewhere down the line, I decided on a cheat meal tonight!

You know what? I guess maybe you shouldn’t count calories when you’re having a cheat but omg how quickly do they add up when you eat calorie-dense foods! In about 25 min I devoured 1200 calories!! In just that:

  • 4 large slices of thin & crispy Domino’s Pizza (the base is so thin it’s barely there!)
  • Garlic and Herb Dip
  • 4 tiny chicken strippersĀ 
  • 150g portion of Ben&Jerry’s Ice CreamĀ 

Now, when you list it, it sounds like a lot, but trust me I feel like I could eat twice that serving ;) But what I know is that there’s no way I could eat 1200 cals of healthy, low-carb, high-protein food in one sitting!!

Point proven. I prefer healthy food :)

Sweets detox

Do you know that I haven’t had ANY sweets for two weeks?! Not even a square of dark chocolate… So far I’m not craving them so it’s all good.

And apples have never tasted sweeter!!